Driving under the eye of Storm Ophelia

NewsflarePublished: October 17, 2017Updated: October 18, 2017
Published: October 17, 2017Updated: October 18, 2017

Video has emerged of the eye of ex-Hurricane Ophelia appearing to open up overhead as a storm chaser drove across Northern Ireland.

Video filmed on October 16 showed severe winds and chaotic seas as well as fast-moving waves pounding the shoreline as onlookers watch as Storm Ophelia strike the Northern Irish coastline at County Down.

Says the filmer: "Impossible to hold the camera steady in such severe winds, filmed with a telephoto lens at a safe distance away from danger."

In further video included here, our filmer - an experienced storm watcher - says the eye of the storm "opened up" overhead as he was driving across the country after filming at the coast.

He writes: "This is something I have never experienced before with chasing wind storms in Northern Ireland. This was what was once the eye of ex-Hurricane Ophelia, which opened up during rush hour on our way back from filming waves at the east coast.

"This opened up revealing a clearance and blue skies directly above us, where all around it where bands of grey skies and rain. We drove under the 'eye' and once on the other side we were back in rain again. We were able to confirm this via satellite imagery at the time."

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