Baby stops crying every time his dad stares at him

Newsflare Published October 17, 2017 6 Plays

Rumble Hilarious footage has emerged from China of a one-year-old boy that stops crying every time his dad stares at him.

In the video, captured in Nanchang City in north-central Jiangxi Province on September 24, a baby is sat at a dining table and is crying loudly while his father, sat next to him, is eating noodles.

Every time his dad turns face to face and stare at him, he stops crying and avoids eye contact with his dad to try to pretend nothing happened.

But once his dad turns away, the baby starts to cry again.

After this happens three times, the bemused father laughs out loud.

At the end of the video, the mother, who is sat opposite, says: "Look at his (the baby's) face! Look at the emotion on his face!"