This Bride Had No Idea Just How Special Her Daddy-Daughter Song Will Become

Caters_News Published October 17, 2017 6,576 Plays

Rumble When 27-year-old Amber Cornelius was getting ready for her big day, she wanted to do something special with her dad, something, they will both never forget. Instead of the traditional <a href="" target="_blank">father-daughter dance</a>, they opted out for something a lot more personal. Since they both had a huge passion for music, why not perform a song together, instead of just dance?

But the Fresno, Ohio bride didn’t know just how special her daddy-daughter performance will be. Less than a month after her wedding, her 55-year-old dad Dave got diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer.

Less than four weeks after his daughter’s wedding, Dave began experiencing a series of severe headaches and following consultation from a doctor, it was discovered he had several cancerous tumors growing on his brain, lungs and liver. His latest diagnosis has seen him lose the ability to walk, but Amber notes that he has still yet to lose his smile.

“My dad looked at me the next day and said, ‘I gave fear about 10 minutes to sink in and I said no more. I will not fear this, I will fight it.’ says Amber. “He’s undergone extensive brain surgery and radiation therapy, but continues to be the most cheerful and inspiring cancer patient you’re ever likely to see.

“Yet he still manages to keep a smile on his face, day in and day out. He truly is something special, it’s safe to say his inspiring spirit has carried each one of us through this journey."