Dog Knows Owner's Had One Too Many, Stops Her From Having More

Newsflare Published October 16, 2017 791 Plays

Rumble There are some of us who would like nothing more than to have a nice bottle of wine waiting for them at home after a long day at the office. You pop the cork and pour yourself a glass. Instant bliss.

But there are days when one glass does next to nothing to bring that bliss, you drastic measures have to be taken. You either look for a bigger glass or you come back for seconds, then thirds, fourths....before you know it, the bottle is empty and you just know that your noggin will be throbbin’ at the desk in the mornin’. If only there was someone who would sit beside us, to slap us on the wrist when we have had even just one too many?

This woman from the UK seems to have found just the right kind of ‘someone’ to tell her when it is time to put the cork back in the bottle. In this video from Newsflare's archives, shot somewhere in the north west of England last year, we see Jackson the pooch sitting attentively at his owner’s side as she is enjoying her grape juice.

But just as the woman reaches out for the glass, Jackson puts his paw on her hand and pushes it out of the way.

It is brilliant, really. You feed it just enough, it is fun when it wants to and it is very serious when it needs to.

Always listen to a man’s best friend.