Grandpa Gets Pulled Over By Police For Surprise Baby Announcement

Caters_News Published October 16, 2017 3,337 Plays

Rumble We have seen a bunch of baby announcement surprises, but none were as original as this one. One man got pulled over by the police for “driving like a grandfather”, but instead of a ticket, the man got served a sonogram.

Gary Girodat, 49, was driving with his son Damien, 28, and his daughter-in-law Rachael, 26, when the police pulled him over.

“Courtesy stop. I noticed something going on with your taillight, kinda flickering. I know it’s new.” says the police officer to the unsuspecting grandfather. He continues by saying that he has a new recruit with him, so this won’t go on record, just to show the rookie how to do a fixer ticket. He asks for Gary’s ID and goes back to “educate his rookie” on ticket writing.

When the officer comes back, he gives Gary the ticket to read aloud. The ticket says “driving like a grandpa”, which makes the old man laugh out loud and then it hits him. His son Damien is also a police officer, but this wasn’t just any old prank. “My wife and I were thinking about cool ideas of how to announce her pregnancy to my father, and we wanted to incorporate my profession somehow,” Damien says.

“We thought of this idea so I talked to my colleague that I know through police training and ran the idea by him. He asked his supervisor and got it cleared, and we met up about half an hour before he stopped my dad, where I filled out the citation myself.

“The reaction from my dad was better than I was expecting, he was so happy and couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the day.”