Prankster Exposes His Magician Friend's New Tricks

StoryfulPublished: October 16, 2017Updated: October 17, 20171,110 views
Published: October 16, 2017Updated: October 17, 2017

Chinese magician A Gan and his prankster buddy "Pokerface Man" are back with new tricks. This funny pair’s viral videos show "Pokerface Man" mercilessly reveal all the secrets of the magic tricks.

Every good good magician needs a discreet and loyal assistant, but this clip shows us that sometimes an assistant can be more of a nuisance than of assistance. Still, it is all in the name of a good laugh!

After their first clip, where prankster Pokerface man spoils A Gan’s tricks in "levitating" a ball inside a glass bottle (he showed us where the invisible string is) and busting out the secret of the cigarette up A Gan’s nose (the yellow strip on the filter was fake), we thought the beat down he got from his aspiring magician buddy gave him some sense.

But then A Gan tried to levitate a baton mid air. First he looked around himself to make sure that his “assistant" isn’t anywhere close by to reveal his trick. At first everything runs smoothly, until the camera shows us Pokerface Man is in the crown of the tree behind A Gan. You might guess what happens next.

It seems A Gan has not learned his lesson yet because the hilarious duo is back again with more tricks. They look amazingly convincing, but the prankster is right there to prove us WRONG!

It's been a while since we've had such a good laugh!

Credit: A Gan & Pokerface Man via Storyful

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