Truck driver uses hydraulic lift to rescue kitten stuck under bridge

Newsflare Published October 14, 2017 3,718 Plays

Rumble - This is the touching moment a driver climbs onto his truck’s raised trailer to rescue a kitten stranded on a 30ft high motorway flyover.

The eagle-eyed trucker spotted the terrified moggy on the narrow ledge above a busy dual carriageway in Bangkok, Thailand.

He stood on the back of the lorry and activated the hydraulic lift to soar up to the kitten - tip-toeing on the tiny strip of metal before coaxing away from danger and floating back to earth on the truck.

The incredible footage of the daring rescue captured by an onlooker who runs a street food stall opposite the place where the rescue happened. They said: ‘’This happened in front of my restaurant on the Rama 3 road. The man was brave to climb up so high like that.

‘’The kitten had been crying for help since the night before but nobody could reach him until the driver came along. He came down after with the kitten and he saved it. But he didn’t want to adopt the cat as he drives a lot.’'

The kitten has now been taken in by a nearby shopkeeper.

Although the footage was captured in February, it has only recently come to light.