Artists create interactive light installation in Malta

Newsflare Published October 13, 2017 4 Plays

Rumble Mesmerising video of an artistic installation from Malta on September 29.

"Light Pushes Stuff" is a light installation that allows members of the public to interact with an array of spheres that light up and rise whenever you shine a light on them.

"The installation's purpose is to demonstrate the concept of radiation pressure, or how light pushes stuff," say the artists, Andrew Schembri and Toni Gialanzé, collectively known as Late Interactive.

The footage shows member of the public approaching and interacting with the sculpture in St.Frederick, Malta.

"Light Pushes Stuff" is an installation premiered at Science in the City 2017 in Valletta and was funded by HOT: Hybrid Optomechanical Technologies and Arts Council Malta’s Project Support Grant.