Shiba Inu’s Mouth Keeps Watering As He Begs For Snacks

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Published: October 16, 2017

Begging for food is a common struggle for many dog owners. Families typically just tolerate it on a daily basis, but then get up in arms and embarrassed when their dog begs on holidays when company is visiting. That is because probably at some point you gave your dog table scraps when eating and now your dog is responding to that stimuli. If you've been eating dinner with hot breath and little paws on your lap every day, it is time to end the hungry pleading.

A dog begging for food may be common, but it's neither cute nor healthy for him. Luckily, stopping your dog from begging at the table is a fairly simple task when all members of the family follow through. Watch as this adorable Shiba Inu canine called Chiko cannot help but beg for snacks from his owner.

This sweet video filmed from the first-person perspective shows only owner’s legs and hand holding a treat, and the demanding canine mouthwatering for the treat. Footage has emerged of an adorable dog staring at the camera at what appears to be his owner's treat. Judging by the eyes of this adorable Shiba Inu, the treats look really yummy. This honest dog doesn’t even try to play it cool and is fine being caught begging on camera. Hilarious!

The owner is enjoying over a dozen different tasty snacks, focusing on the food but also capturing the dog that is lurking at the distance, constantly begging for food in every single shot. The most adorable thing about this dog is his manner of placing his head on owner’s body, and having them demanding eyes fixated on the treat. Would you feed your treat to this adorable pooch?

Food is of high value to a dog and if you’re trying to break the behavior that you created in the first place, don’t blame the dog if it takes him a while. You and your dog can break this bad habit together for good, all you need is just a little patience!

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