Driver Hits Thai Man With Car, Gets Punched in Front of Police

StoryfulNews Published October 13, 2017 1,007 Plays

Rumble A man was filmed driving into a local with his vehicle in Pattaya, Thailand before the latter punched him in the face in front of cameras on October 11. Gerard Collins, a 77-year-old who was originally reported as being Australian but later told local media that he was actually British, got into an argument with Sumet Roongrattanapan, 28, after their vehicles collided. Dashcam footage obtained by Pattaya Eastern News shows Collins retrieving a stick from his vehicle during his confrontation with Roongrattanapan before ramming him with his car. This video, filmed from a different angle, shows Collins entering his vehicle and driving into the back of Roongrattanapan, who bounces off the windshield. When police arrived on scene and took statements from the two men, Roongrattanapan punches Collins in the face, knocking him to the ground. A young girl, who local media identified Collins’ eight-year-old daughter, can be seen in this video crying in distress. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful