Tasmanian Abattoir Says Changes Introduced After Undercover Video Sent to Investigators

StoryfulNews Published October 12, 2017

Rumble A Tasmanian abattoir said they introduced changes to their animal welfare practices after footage taken inside their facility in 2016 led to an official investigation. A spokesperson for the Department of Primary Industries told the ABC there was insufficient evidence that Cradoc Hill Abattoir had violated the Animal Welfare Act. The owner of the abattoir, James Lord, said his facility had implemented a number of recommendations given to them by the Department, but did not disclose what they were. The videos, taken by hidden cameras, show workers verbally abusing pigs, cows and sheep, and using what Animal Liberation Tasmania, who provided the footage, say are improper stunning techniques. Some sheep and pigs are seen in the footage still alive or moving after the stun gun is administered to their heads, or left thrashing on the floor after having their throats cut. Tasmanian Times reported that on October 11 evening, animal rights activists held a vigil outside a Hobart butcher owned by Lord and projected the footage onto the side of his shop. Credit: Vimeo/Aussie Farms and Animal Liberation Tasmania via Storyful