After Losing Everything, Hurricane Victim Gets Loving Gift From A Stranger

USATODAY_HumankindPublished: October 16, 201725 views
Published: October 16, 2017

Hurricane Harvey did quite the number on the lives and properties of Texan people. When waters started to rise and walls started to shake, people would try and run away from the chaos with whatever they could hold in their hands. Unfortunately, a lot of items holding precious sentimental value were unsalvageable.

Shirley Hines had to leave her home in Houston because there was already more than 4 feet of water rising around her. When she returned, she discovered her car was totaled due to water damage. A lot of her other belongings had been destroyed too, but something much smaller was an even bigger loss for Hines. Cups her mother passed down to her had been destroyed.

"I was very close to my mother and when she passed I would sit out and have a cup of coffee in her cups that we used to have coffee out of," Hines said. "And it was really all I had left from my mother." She was unable to find new ones like those cups, because they stopped making them way back in 1979.

Shirley’s heartbreaking story made headlines after the storm passed. One kind stranger in Maryland read about Hines and her lost cups in a news article, and set out to do something small, but kind: find Hines' cups.

"I just knew that that cup had to be made whole," Ann Dahms said. She found a set identical to Shirley’s and shipped them over to her. But when eBay employees heard about Ann’s selfless gesture, they arranged for the two strangers to meet. The company also bought a new car for Hines.

"That impulse for good is always inside you," Dahms said. "If you just follow that impulse of kindness it really will inspire the world."

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