This Peculiar Hedgehog Has No Spines, But We Love Her Nonetheless

Caters_NewsPublished: October 12, 2017158 views
Published: October 12, 2017

A garden mammal caused quite a stir in the town of Duntocher, Scotland, not because of its behavior, but because of its appearance. One resident called the Hessilhead Wildlife Sanctuary after noticing what looked like a poor, sick-looking <a href="" target="_blank">hedgehog</a> in their garden. However, after a few exams by several different veterinarians, the animal was found to be completely healthy. The only thing that was wrong with him was a game of fate, as it had a congenital disorder that left her completely bald!

Baldy, as they lovingly called the <a href="" target="_blank">hedgehog</a>, is believed to be around three-years-old and was found with no hair – otherwise known as spines.

Andy and Gay Christie, who founded the Hessilhead Wildlife Sanctuary in 1986, have been rescuing and caring for animals in distress for over 30 years. It was Andy, who brought the spineless critter in the sanctuary.

“It was lucky she was brought to us when she was, she wouldn’t have survived in the wild as she had no protection, we think she was around five weeks old." said Gay. “She had a few spines on her back to begin with, but they were very brittle and so when we pulled them out they didn’t grow back, she hasn’t had any since. Her skin is very healthy and she is on great condition."

“She’s been with us for three years now, but we can’t let her back in the wild as she won’t survive, but she has a great life and is very well looked after."

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