Dad Records A Song For His Sons, Before A Long Deployment In The Navy

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Published: October 12, 2017

Before leaving his wife and two young sons for his long deployment in the Navy, this dad penned and recorded a heartfelt song to remind his two sons he loves them. After waiting for all of his family to fall asleep, Naval Sailor David Daughtry recorded an emotional ode to his two young sons in his garage, in Lemoore, California, USA. He was due to ship off on a 7-month-long <a href="" target="_blank">deployment</a>.

Aimed primarily at his eldest child, E-6 First Class Petty Officer, David, in the Navy for nearly 12 years, urges his eight-year-old son to ‘be a big hand to his mother’ and to ‘protect his baby brother’.

He continues to remind him to step up and be the ‘man of the house’ in his dad’s absence, before reminding his eight and four-year-old boys that, even though there are ‘hard times ahead’, he will always love them, as the emotional ballad continuously pulls at the heart-strings.

Hoping the song finds resonance with other families whose ‘daddies are serving abroad’, 30-year-old David, said: “The thought of going away on a long <a href="" target="_blank">deployment</a> and leaving my family was weighing on my heart, especially with my sons.

“They’re getting so big and there’s so much that is missed while I’m away, they mean the world to me. Every time I’m preparing to depart, I have the same conversation with my oldest, about him filling my shoes while I’m gone and helping his mother. So, I thought this time, as he’s a little older and there’s more I expect from him, that I’d put it in a song for him to keep.

“There are a lot of Daddies serving off serving their countries, so I think they’ve all had the same types of conversations with their children. It took a few attempts to record, as it was all incredibly emotional for me. My wife cried when she read the words and my kids were so happy that I’d written a song just for them."

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