Chinese tourist rams cop then knocks mother and daughter off moped

NewsflarePublished: October 12, 2017
Published: October 12, 2017

A crazed female Chinese tourist rams a policeman with her car door then knocks a mother and daughter off their moped.

Ghen Xu, 36, was stopped by a traffic officer after she blocked traffic by parking illegally in Pattaya, Thailand.

But as Ton Luktala, 33, opened the door to tell Xu her car would be towed, he said she became angry and reversed, causing the door to hit his chest. She then reversed again smashing the hire car's door into Ton.

Xu then sped forward into the path of a mother riding a motorcycle with her daughter, knocking them into the pavement.

The young girl broke ribs in the crash, which was filmed from inside a local massage shop. Xu fled the scene but was arrested later and detained at Pattaya City Police station accused of ''driving without regard for safety causing others to be injured''.

Ton, who is now recovering from minor injuries, said: ''The Chinese lady's car was parked incorrectly and it was causing a traffic problem.I went to talk to her and she replied by shouting at me. She tried to drive away and hit me two times then crashed into another person.''

Xu was held in custody while officers investigated the incident. Pol Captain Thanongsak Inpadung said: ''The insurance companies are responsible for covering the cost of treating the injuries. The suspect is from China. She has been detained and investigated for driving without regard for safety causes others to be injured. ''The car has been seized and additional evidence with be gathered to follow the steps of the law.''

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