Baby Possum Rescued From Melbourne Toilet Bowl

StoryfulNews Published October 12, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble A baby possum was rescued after it was found exhausted, drenched and clinging to the inside of a toilet in the suburbs of Melbourne in the early hours of Tuesday, October 10. The possum was found around 1 am in a Montrose house, rescuer Nigel Williamson told the Herald Sun. Williamson was baffled by how the tiny marsupial ended up at the wrong end of plumbing. “In my 30 years rescuing 45,000-plus animals, never, ever have I seen a possum come up through a toilet system,” Williamson said. “I cannot understand how it even got through. He got himself in trouble down the drain and must have swam up around the S-bend and couldn’t get out.” He later reported that the common brushtail possum was recovering in a wildlife shelter. Credit: Facebook/Nigel’s Animal Rescue and Pest Control via Storyful