Rescuers Help Trapped Swan To Make A Sweet Escape

Caters_NewsPublished: October 11, 2017307 views
Published: October 11, 2017

A swan was found wrapped in 10 meters of fishing line and was freed by rescuers. Members of East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) were called out to the River Ouse at Barcombe Mills after bystanders noticed a swan in distress. The stranded swan was trapped in abandoned fishing line. The swan had to be rescued from the water after it got into trouble having got tangled in the line.

The water rescue boat and the animal rescue team attended the scene and worked together and used a swan bag to secure the bird and get it on to dry land and to the vet care.

This injured swan had to be rescued after it became trapped in a dumped fishing line.

This is not the only one incident where wildlife has been injured by discarded fishing gear. Concerns have also been raised after similar concerns have been reported about injured wildlife.

It is necessary to stress it to fishermen not to leave any line or hooks but also, more importantly, not to fish at banned lakes.

The fishing litter can cause needless suffering to the wildlife. Lines can wrap round an animal and cut the blood supply to parts of its body. Hooks, line and weights can be swallowed and cause internal blockages or injury.

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