Police called over McDonald's Szechuan Sauce frenzy in Los Angeles

NewsflarePublished: October 10, 2017
Published: October 10, 2017

Police were called to a McDonald’s restaurant in Los Angeles when an
event over its long-discontinued Szechuan Sauce that had been brought back for one day got out of hand.

In the video, filmed on October 7, hundreds of people can be seen queuing outside and inside the La Brea McDonald’s to get their hands on the sauce.

The sauce had become a cult item after being mentioned in the “The Rickshank Rickdemption" episode of Cartoon Network's "Rick and Morty" by character Rick Sanchez.

At one point in the video, restaurant-goers can be heard chanting: "Szechuan Sauce!"

Says the filmer: "This is the view from inside the only McDonald's in LA to receive the Rick and Morty promotional Szechuan Sauce. You can see the front of the blocks-long line outside the window and people pushing and shoving trying to cut their way to the front.

"Inside the store, people push and shove and scream at each other while employees frantically try to please the mob. Shortly after this recording ends, someone who realized they weren't getting a sauce without a blue ticket jumped the counter and ran off with all the sauce, prompting the police to shut down the event.”

McDonald’s has since tweeted: “You spoke. We’ve listened. Lots more #SzechuanSauce and locations. Details soon. And that’s the wayyy the news goes!:

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