'No' Written in Skies Above Melbourne Amidst Same Sex Marriage Campaigns

StoryfulNewsPublished: October 10, 2017
Published: October 10, 2017

The word ‘NO’ appeared above the skies of Melbourne on October 10, with a sky-advertising agency claiming responsibility for the message following a successful fundraising campaign. Storyful reported last week that the Sky-Ads page successfully raised enough money to target other capital cities along the east coast with anti-same sex marriage messages. At time of writing, the agency raised had $5,740 – their intended target was $4,000 – through GoFundMe. In an update on their fundraising page, the group wrote: “Traditional marriage supporters everywhere [were] sent another clear message regarding homosexual marriage and our refusal to have this ideology thrust upon us. We remain adamant that it represents a blight on the very foundation and framework of one of the most sacred institutions in our society, marriage.” On October 1, the agency said that they flew a banner above Brisbane reading “Safe schools, just the start. Vote no!” They said they would fly their messages over Sydney next if they were able to raise $8,000. Credit: Amanda Irvine via Storyful

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