Diver Spots Shark Off Coast Of Tofino In Canada

StoryfulPublished: October 9, 2017153 views
Published: October 9, 2017

A diver captured this surprising footage of a shark sighting off the coast of Tofino in British Columbia, Canada. “The ocean was calm and we spotted the fin from a long ways out. The shark was also calm and interested in our boat, but then vanished,” said the uploader regarding the encounter.

To the uneducated eye, it might look like a Great White shark and it is fairly easy to do so, as the salmon shark, like the one in the clip, is fairly similar to the Great White. Salmon sharks are very common off Vancouver Island, where Tofino is located.

Salmon Sharks are common in continental offshore waters, but ranges inshore to just off beaches. They occur singly, in feeding aggregations of several individuals or in schools.

Tagging has revealed a range which includes sub-Arctic to sub-tropical waters. Salmon sharks occur in the North Pacific Ocean, in both coastal waters and the open ocean. They are believed to range as far south as the Sea of Japan and as far north as 65°N in Alaska and in particular in Prince William Sound during the annual salmon run. Individuals have been observed diving as deep as 2,192 ft, but they are believed to spend most of their time in epipelagic waters (from the surface, down to 656 feet below).

Credit: filterstudios via Storyful

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