Drone Captures Giant Wave Surfing And Dramatic Rescue

Newsflare Published October 9, 2017 775 Plays

Rumble New unreleased drone footage of Professional Big Wave Surfer from Brazil, Pedro Scooby Viana riding a huge wave in Nazaré - Portugal, followed by a dramatic but yet spectacular rescue operation.

Scooby successfully rode the most critical part of the giant wave but lost control and fell at the end on the dangerous inside zone of Praia do Norte. In order to put Scooby in a safe zone, there was a first jet ski rescue attempt performed by Surfer Lucas "Chumbo" Chianca also from Brazil, but things didn't went well with both Scooby and Chumbo ending up on the rough white water of Nazaré, after the Jet Ski capsized and got crashed by a wave.

There was then a second rescue attempt, this time performed by their Brazilian team mate and veteran Big Wave Surfer Everaldo "Pato" Teixeira, who had the hard task to rescue them both on a much more critical area (they were now very near the rocks of the North Cliff). With decades of experience, Pato maintained his calm, and one by one he successfully rescued first Scooby and few minutes later Chumbo. Luckily the first jetski was pushed to land, ending up flipped down on the sand.

Both Scooby, Chumbo and Pato survived this episode with no serious injuries. The wave surfed by Scooby was considered one of the highlights of the session and is already an entry to the WSL Big Wave Awards.