Artist Creates An Impressive Sculpture Of Freddie Mercury That Wants To Break Free

StoryfulPublished: October 9, 20173,412 views
Published: October 9, 2017

It has been almost 26 years since Freddie Mercury died, but his legend is still inspiring new works of art. This video shows Juliana LePine’s attention to detail as she sculpts a figure of Freddie Mercury with jaw-dropping likeness from head to toe.

You will be amazed to see this impeccable artist create intricately detailed sculptures that are absolutely mind-blowing and will show you how sculptures are made in detail, featuring every muscle, bone, hair and tooth on the body, putting everything in its right place. She is master of art, indeed.

It is delightful to watch as this artist patiently sculpts its way through the statue and creates a masterpiece out of thin air, showing us the reverse anatomy lesson on Freddie's real life body of flesh and bones.

This form of genuine perfection will leave you speechless and the video showing the entire tiresome and hardworking process will make you appreciate the work of the artist so much more.

The sculpture of Freddie is very vivid and looks so much alive, that we expect it to break free from the clay and become a real life-boy any moment now!

After she is finished, you will have Queen's frontman, Freddy Mercury in front of you, in his famous white tank top, buckled blue jeans, and iconic stance.

Don’t stop LePine now because she is having a good time, and so are we!

Credit: Juliana LePine Sculptures via Storyful

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