What Would Happen If Some Animal Species Suddenly Disappeared?

Thoughty2Published: October 9, 201720 views
Published: October 9, 2017

What would happen if some species disappeared overnight? The answer is more disturbing than you would think.

What is the universal mascot of the Internet? The internet’s court jester – the cat, of course! Cats may have provided you with countless LOL’s and you should be very thankful that they have, because if the cats were to become extinct, it would likely be the end of the human race.

Cats are members of a family of carnivores called Felidae, which includes tigers, cougars and cheetahs; and like their distant cousins, cats have sharp, retractable claws, amazingly quick reflexes and sharp teeth which can effortlessly clump into a prey’s flesh. But, cats have a predatory asset that their larger, scarier family members don’t. A cat has a physics-defying, astonishingly flexible body. They are more agile than big cats. Statistically, cats are one of the best hunters in the entire animal kingdom. A study found that tigers were successful at catching their pray only 5% of the time. Domestic cats are successful 32% of the time, which means they are listed as the sixth most successful hunting animal in the world. But, over in Africa, there is an endemic species known as “the black-footed cat” which is even more “crazy”. It captures its pray 60% of the time, or an average of 14 kills every night, making it the second most successful predator, preceded only by the African wild dog. All this means that cats are the world’s best adapted and best predator for catching small rodents.

What so special about rodents? Rats and mice being so small, cute and defenseless, have been forced to develop extraordinary reaction time and rapid speeds in order to avoid predators. Yet, the domestic cat is still able to track them down and catch them with ease, most often – just for fun. This is exactly why we need them for our survival. Their hard work is keeping the explosive rodent population in check. Cats are the best method Mother Nature has invented against a rodent-infested world.

Cats are not the only animal we cannot imagine our lives without. Find out more in the video!

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