These Are 10 Terrible Life Hacks You Should Never Try At Home

HouseholdHackerPublished: October 7, 2017138 views
Published: October 7, 2017

The Household Hacker is a genius when it comes to gathering and discovering hacks and tricks that will alter your life forever - maybe even make you some extra free time.

A lot of people on the world wide web want to be like him, so they try and create some tips and hacks of their own that in turn create more dismay that comfort.

The Household Hacker wouldn’t be what he is if he didn’t gather them all in one video to show us just how terrible those ideas are. They do get the credit though, just not in the comfort of your own kitchen...or elsewhere!

Some of these tips truly are idiotic, but others seems legit enough...until you use them! Like the tip about overusing toilet paper: tie a zip tie down the middle, so that you split the pieces in half, doubling the amount? No, thanks!

How about cooling your house down during the last days of summer by popping the freezer door open and mounting a box fan out front. What can possibly go wrong there?

No space in your fridge for that 12-pack of soda? Someone said you can empty the cans of soda into an empty plastic bottle, because one large soda bottle takes up far less space than 12 cans...Come again?

And if you get dirty everywhere you go, just squirt some liquid soap into the pockets of your pants and you can rub your hands with the soapy fabric anytime. Just brilliant, isn’t it?


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