Foul-Mouthed Gran Who Thinks ‘Girls Are B**ches’ Spoils Gender Reveal

Caters_NewsPublished: October 7, 201725,070 views
Published: October 7, 2017

Gender reveals are a huge fad these days, with expecting parents going far and out to surprise their families with the gender of the latest family member. They are usually super cute and heartwarming, but every once in awhile, a gender reveal goes terribly wrong, giving us a good laugh in the process.

This is the moment a foul-mouthed great gran who thinks ‘girls are b**ches’ spoils her granddaughter’s gender reveal – by announcing with disapproval that it was a ‘f**king girl’.

Carrie-Anne Sanca used a balloon filled with pink confetti to tell her 76-year-old gran Margaret the news about the baby they are all expecting. But what the 33-year-old pregnant woman wasn’t expecting was the elderly woman’s less-than-subtle disappointment as she found out her daughter was having a girl.

The utterly hilarious footage shows great-grandmother Margaret burst the balloon with a pin and swear as she sees the pink confetti, before calling the baby a ‘split ar**’ – offensive slang for a girl.

Margaret, who already boasts nine children, 23 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren, was unaware that the video had gone viral until her daughter told her she was an online hit. The Bridgend, Wales native said: “When she swore in the video I just said ‘mam’. I don’t think she realised she was swearing – it just came out naturally. That’s just her. I didn’t expect a reaction like that to be honest. I wanted to share with her what I was having and the excitement of knowing.

“She really wanted a boy you see. I think she was just a bit disappointed at the time. But after that she just got over it and said ‘well, as long as it’s lovely it doesn’t matter.’

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