This Compilation Of Paranormal Photos Is Only For True Connoisseurs

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Published: October 7, 2017

Watch this video and witness the ten creepiest paranormal photos ever taken, from the mysterious ghost of a samurai to a poltergeist that haunted a little girl.

Disturbing photo appears to show a ghostly apparition floating in mid air while no one was smoking in the room, in a shape of a human dressed in some sort of robe or cloak.

See this photo of a nun standing outside when there is clearly something reaching out trying to grab her by the forearms.

This photo of 4 year old girl on a beach in Japan shows black boots standing directly behind the girl. Several theories are presenting but the most unsettling is the idea that the black boots might belong to the ghost of a long deceased samurai.

Another captured eerie image of what appears to be a young girl in the hallway of the local town hall when the official suddenly felt the air in his office become very cold, and after hearing strange noises he snapped a picture in the hallway when nobody was there.

Other disturbing images were taken at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History in Texas, showing a withered old hag dressed in dirty rags floating above the floor with outstretched hands.
This image taken in the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in San Francisco, California shows what appears to be the face of a ghostly apparition floating above the child with a very strange white streak down the centre of the photo. Is it some sort of camera glitch?

Maybe it is a simply shadow or optical illusion but why did the little girl in the next photo get so scared? Was she the only one who could see the ghostly boy?

This photo clearly shows some sort of ghostly, human-like figure, it appears to be crawling across the carpet with one hand raised to its mouth, and it looks as though the little girl may actually be able to see the apparition.


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      Butterflyfam4 ยท 10 weeks ago

      There is more than one ghost in the picture of the little girl who's crying and does not want to take part of the picture cuz she is scared there is the ghost on the far right and there is another more than one ghost in the picture of the little boy standing in front of the gate this is operating room