Short Compilation Of Alien Sightings Will Bring Shivers Down Your Spine

SlappedHamPublished: October 7, 201768,391 views
Published: October 7, 2017

These videos will sure give you the chills but you decide whether these alien sightings caught on camera are real or fake.

Alleged footage claims to be an interview with a grey alien shot inside Area 51, scientists are conducting a series of tests on the extraterrestrial being. Other footage shows an alien seated behind a glass wall as a telepath is trying to communicate with the extraterrestrial being.

On a graveyard, you can see some kind of humanoid creature hiding in the cemetery. The figure is grey and gaunt looking with an over-sized skull.

Whether hoaxed or not, these remarkable footages will give you the chills and stir a debate amongst the paranormal community.

Another security camera shows a humanoid figure peering out alongside the fence. It has eerie black eyes with a striking facial structure. Inside the thick brush there appears to be an alien-like animal staring back at the camera. It has big, glossy eyes and a dome shaped head.

After hearing some strange noises on his roof, this man grabbed his camera to investigate. In plain sight is a slender creature with long arms and legs, an elongated neck and small head. It pauses for a second then leaps over the roof.

In the video several soldiers berate the creature asking it to speak. It murmurs a number of times and appears to be chained to the seat.


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