He Honors The Life Of His Friend With Kindness To Strangers

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Published: October 6, 2017

Lloyd was inspired to perform random acts of kindness after learning his childhood friend was killed in the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

When he found out that his friend, with whom he played baseball growing up, was shot in the head and killed in the Las Vegas shooting, Lloyd was hurt and angry.

He was so sad to learn about the sad news, and couldn't imagine what his friend was going through during this horrible incident, when he only wanted to spend some time with his four kids and enjoy the show.

After a while, Lloyd decided that maybe the problem was the anger. Nowadays people are very angry and there is too much anger in the world.

That is when Lloyd decided that he should do something nice for somebody every day. He continues to do simple acts of kindness every day, for example filling the tank of gas for a stranger.

People should follow Lloyd's example and be the change they want to see in the world. Make the world a better place by giving similar acts of kindness.

"There you go brother, give me a hug, man!" says Lloyd after helping a man in need.

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