Waiter Left In Tears When Diner Gives Him Generous Tip For Christmas

NewsflarePublished: October 6, 20171,825 views
Published: October 6, 2017

Sometimes in life, we trip over non existent things. We are badly bruised but we still carry on like nothing has ever happened. Sometimes that’s the case because we don’t have anyone to pick us up, sometimes it’s because we know that we have to endure a little pain to achieve our goals. The only thing we have to remember is that it’s alright. Other times, there are people that come out of the blue and they turn our lives around. They don’t know us, we don’t know them, but they still sense that something is wrong, and they give us a helping hand. As they say, holiday season is a time for giving, and this video doesn’t disappoint.

A heartwarming video from the Newsflare archive from of a man in Texas surprising his waiter with a very generous tip. The video, filmed in Dallas in December 2016, shows diner Maurice Green asking the waiter, Johnny, how his day is going. He explains he has had a rough day and in return Maurice gives him $100. The Don Pablo waiter then gets emotional and tells Maurice he has "paid off his car". Generous Maurice wishes Johnny a Merry Christmas and gives him a further $200.

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