Inspiring 40-Year-Old Woman Shakes Off 70 kg After Weight-Loss Surgery

NewsflarePublished: October 6, 2017555 views
Published: October 6, 2017

There is no better way to show you’ve shaken off some weight than by doing an adorable dance routine to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off.’ This is the story of Donnalouise Gragg, a Dunedin, New Zealand resident, who underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost 70 kilograms in a matter of 10 months.

The 40-year-old had been trying to lose weight for some time now, but after trying almost everything, her kilograms kept coming back. The turning point in her story came when the doctor told her that she couldn’t get pregnant because of her weight. This is why she chose to undergo a gastric bypass surgery and managed to go from 131.5 kg to 60 kg in 10 months.

She claims that the decision to go under the knife was the best she has ever done and she doesn’t regret it at all. The ability to give birth was worth it all. She combined the surgery with exercise and literally shook off 70 kilograms. Her absolutely adorable ‘Shake It Off’ choreography has taken the internet by storm, and she has inspired many couch potatoes to at least try working out. The last part of the video shows that she manages to fit into just one pant-sleeve of her old jeans, and it’s all the motivation that we’ll ever need.

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