Adorable One-Year-Old Notices Her Own Shadow For The First Time

NewsflarePublished: October 6, 20171,771 views
Published: October 6, 2017

Children are fun no matter the age, but toddlers are the funniest of them all. It is true, toddlers are the most likely to make you laugh with their antics, and there is a reason why. Being adults makes us forget what it means to experience new things for the first time. You learn new things as you grow up, but when you are a toddler, you are bombarded with them.

So it goes without saying that knowledge means power, and these kids have the greatest power in the world, they can make you happy and smiling in a matter of seconds. The culprits aren’t even aware of that, but their reactions to new experiences might just as well brighten your day.

An adorable video has emerged from the UK of a toddler's innocent reaction when she sees her own shadow for the first time. The footage, captured on Thursday, shows one-year-old Kayla observing her shadow 'following' her and lifting her skirt up to see if it copies her. ''Our 18 month old daughter notices her shadow for the first time on a sunny spring morning,'' the filmer later wrote online. ''This video captures the innocence of childhood, a true first experience encapsulating one the wonders of life,'' she added.

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