Blue The Dog Thinks The Moon Is Her Ball Again

Storyful Published October 6, 2017 375 Plays

Rumble There are some super smart dogs, that can learn how to play the piano, fetch beers and pose for photos.

And then there are dogs like silly old Blue here, who can’t distinguish the Moon in the sky from their own ball!

There are a handful of things that make a happy dog - its bed, its food bowl and its toys. Their favorite - a ball. No matter the size or material, every dog seems to love a good ball, especially if you teach it to fetch. It reminds them that a good time is coming, pay time, which also happens to be a dog’s favorite time of day! Oh, goody, goody!

Blue the dog was baffled when she mistook the moon for her ball in Gray, Maine. Owner Jessica threw Blue’s ball up in the air and a rather perplexed Blue looked up to the moon and waited for her ball to return. It’s not the first time that Blue has been fooled by such a trick.

Blue si thoroughly convinced that the big white ball in the sky is her ball, the one her human threw for Blue to fetch. She doesn’t see it on the ground, so it must have gotten stuck up there. Her owner keeps encouraging her to “go get it”, but one thing Blue absolutely sure of is that she can’t jump that high and fetch it!

So she gets down on the ground, wags her tail anxiously and hopes that it will drop soon, because it’s her favorite toy!

Credit: Jessica Raspbury via Storyful