Ingenious Deer Uses His Antlers To Scavenge For His Favorite Treat

Caters_NewsPublished: October 6, 20174,310 views
Published: October 6, 2017

Simon Wildgust from Hampshire, England, was on holiday with his family in Dieppe, France. One afternoon during their 10-day stay, he and his daughter became fixated on this deer’s strange behavior.

They noticed the young buck under an apple tree in the yard, shaking the tree branches with his antlers and munching on the fruits that fall down on the ground. The father and daughter duo watched as the deer reared back on his hind legs and used his antlers to reach a tall branch in the tree. He would whack at the leaves to knock down apples for a sweet treat.

“We were captivated by the deer, so much so that my daughter Emily insisted on us going back to see them each day,” Simon told Caters News. “The field where the deer were was a minute walk from the site where we were staying, which meant it was easy to regularly visit them.”

What’s peculiar was that many of the other deer around this one were not following his example. It seems this fellow was the cleverest of the group.

According to publication by Texas Parks & Wilderness, deer typically stand on their legs as a fighting stance when engaging in hostile encounters with other animals. Maybe he just thought of the tall branches as his enemies, for not being closer down to the ground to munch on their delicious fruits.

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