10ft long python caught after hiding in bedroom while hunting pet kitten

Newsflare Published October 6, 2017 1 Plays

Rumble Animal rescuers battle with a large python after a woman found it hiding in her bedroom as it hunted her pet kitten.

Kesinee Jittakit, 53, was going to bed on Thursday night when she heard the serpent hissing.

The terrified mother-of-two leapt up in fright and noticed the 10ft long snake hiding under a table.

She fled the house in Chachoengsao, Thailand, and called police who sent a team of snake catchers.

The men found the reptile hiding behind shoeboxes as it waited to pounce the pet cat, named Mandalay.

But the rescuers grappled with it as it writhed angrily to try and escape. They snared the creature and crammed it into a sack to be released safely back into the wild.

Shaked Kesinee said: ''I was just going to bed and I saw the huge snake. It scared me more than I've ever been before.

''I'm scared of sleeping in the bedroom now. I'll just stay on the sofa for a little while.

''I'm happy it's gone now and that my pet cat Mandalay is safe.''

Rescuers said that the monsoon rainy season is likely to have caused the snake to flee its natural habitat before it saw Kesinee's kitten and entered the house to try and catch it.