Horses Can Read Human Emotions!

Published October 5, 2017 1,077 Views $2.07 earned

Rumble We expect that animals aren’t like humans and that what they feel is just short term memory. We also wouldn’t know if they can feel the same if they can respond to our emotions. Well, research showed differently. ODN (On Demand) news reported something different this time. They went through research with the unknown company and found out something surprising. The research by itself was about if horses can actually feel same as humans and if they can recognize how they feel and what they are going through.

With different tests, it is shown that horses can feel same what others feel. Scientists said that horses can distinguish between angry and happy faces and act accordingly. They can feel you and make you aware of your feelings. Also, when they see that your face expression has change they will try to make you feel better.Scientists also tested heartbeat of the horse with heart monitors when they see the different face expressions and it reviled that their heart beats rise accordingly