Blue The Silly Dog Thinks The Moon Is A Ball

StoryfulPublished: October 5, 20179,783 views
Published: October 5, 2017

There are a handful of things that make a happy dog - its bed, its food bowl and its toys. Their favorite - a ball. No matter the size or material, every dog seems to love a good ball, especially if you teach it to fetch. It reminds them that a good time is coming, play time, which also happens to be a dog’s favorite time of day! Oh, goody, goody!

Can you imagine what must be going on inside a dog’s mind when they misplace their favorite toy? They do not understand the concept, so when they can’t find it when they think it should be, it is sheer panic! Where did that round thing go?!

This adorable dog named Blue was extremely confused when her ball appeared to be stuck in the sky and wouldn’t come down in the town. Blue’s owner had tossed the ball into the air and when she looked up she mistook the moon for her ball. Completely convinced, Blue started to pace the backyard while looking upwards and waiting for her ball to return.

Jessica Raspburry, Blue’s owner, says: "Husband pretended to throw a white ball for her. When she went looking for it, she looked up and thought the ball was stuck in the sky."

Credit: Jessica Raspbury via Storyful

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