Multitasking Mother Films Makeup Tutorial While Holding Her Baby

USATODAY_AlltheMomsPublished: October 5, 201778 views
Published: October 5, 2017

Getting ready when you have little ones can sometimes be a challenge for moms. This mother had to become creative and learn how to apply makeup with just one hand, since she is obviously using the other hand to hold her baby. Easier said than done!

We have all seen makeup tutorials on the internet given by women who have a lot of free time to presented to perfection. However, this woman shows the reality of moms who have a handful of baby and still manage to look adorable. Watch as this mom shows what it really looks like getting ready in the morning, using only one hand for that matter.
It is adorable to see this woman, holding her baby in one hand and using her other hand to apply makeup and fix a quick tutorial for busy women. Getting ready in the morning can indeed be challenging and this video is the proof of that.

The lady shows how to do a one-handed, easy makeup tutorial. She advises on using a beauty blender by Mary Kay and apply it on your face. Then, mid-tutorial, the baby, being cute and all, tries to sabotage its mother’s video by putting its fingers where it shouldn’t. Cute!

Undisturbed by the unfortunate incident of baby sticking its fingers in the makeup kit, the mother continues with her tutorial. Moments later, the baby makes another mess by throwing mommy’s makeup stuff on the floor.

In the second part of the video, the mother is no longer holding the baby in her arms but we can hear it crying in the background. The mother is ignoring his cry and continues applying makeup!

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