Lorry driver injured after vehicle tipped over following rear-end collision

Newsflare Published October 5, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Dashcam footage of a lorry tipping over on a highway in Michigan, USA after another vehicle rear-ended it.

The video, captured on September 26, shows the moment the lorry driver lost control of his vehicle and toppled in a ditch.

"I was driving east along highway 94 around Paw Paw Michigan on the right lane with no traffic ahead of me at a speed of 60 m/hr," he wrote.

"As I was driving east at 60m/hr I felt a hard bang from my drivers rear and within seconds my truck steered over to the left lane tipping over into the ditch."

"As the truck tipped over and slammed into the ditch my left arm, left hip, left leg, and the left side of my ribs were injured," he added.

"I was stuck in the cabin, rescuers had to break the windshield to get me out. As I stood I immediately felt pain in my left torso and my arm was bleeding from minor cuts."