It's A Small World After All, As Disney Resort Gets Crowded On National Holidays

Newsflare Published October 5, 2017

Rumble This video from Shanghai's Disneyland shows twice the usual number of visitors during China's week-long golden week national holidays.

Shanghai Disney Resort is a themed resort in Pudong, Shanghai, China. It is the first Disney park resort in mainland China and the second in Greater China, after the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. The resort opened to public on June 16, 2016.

The resort features Shanghai Disneyland Park, an entertainment district, two themed hotels, recreational facilities, a lake and associated parking and transportation hubs. Additional phases will see the development of two additional theme parks at the resort. The site will cover 390 hectares (963 acres) in Pudong.

According to Disney, their theme parks are 'where dreams come true,' but according to this video footage of Shanghai Disneyland, it looks like a nightmare.

A drone video filmed on October 3 shows thousands of tourists queuing to enter Disneyland, while police are on patrol to maintain order.

According to reports, the number of daily visitors reached more than 90,000 on October 3, double the usual number.

It is too crowded and the queue is too long, Disneyland visitors rush in and don't treat the park with respect, making Walt Disney's song to ring in your ears in repeat "It's a small world, after all".