Mom Defies All Odds And Beats Stage 4 Brain Cancer

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Published: October 5, 2017

She was given just four days to live, but thanks to a miracle and modern medicine, Ashley defied all odds.

Ashley Hallford, 35, always dreamed of a fairy tale life. She pictured meeting the man of her dreams and starting a big family, making memories to last forever. Early on, that seemed to be the path her life was taking.

But in 2007, Ashley was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive tumor. She also happened to be pregnant at the time. So doctors induced labor at 33 weeks, so that the young mom could start her treatment.

Four days after delivering her baby boy, Ashley had a surgery to remove the malignant mass, but she was hit with even more terrible news. Doctors discovered that she also has stage 4 brain cancer. Fearing the worst, doctors advised Ashley to keep a video diary for her son.

But Ashley’s faith was strong and she held onto it. Six months after beginning her treatment, she got the first wave of good news. The young woman was in remission. Her destiny switched from having no hope, to having no cancer!

Since then, her family has not stopped growing. The couple now have two more baby girls to be thankful for life with!

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