Baby snake rescued after getting stuck in fizzy drink can

NewsflarePublished: October 5, 2017
Published: October 5, 2017

This curious baby snake needed help after getting its head stuck in a fizzy drink can.

The reptile slithered inside the metal can outside homes in Bangkok, Thailand.

Passer-by Soppon Beerest, 33, spotted the snake, believed to be a baby python, thrashing around to try and free itself.

He tried to yank its head from the hole but it was stuck - and he needed a bowl of hot soapy water to carefully moisten its scales and free it.

Soppon said: ‘’The snake put its head inside the can. It was probably looking for food or drink, but then it couldn’t get out again.

‘’It was not poisonous and it was only small, so it was not dangerous. It was just inexperienced and needed some help.

‘’A human caused the problem with rubbish, but a human saved him, too. He will learn his lesson not to look inside old cans.''

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