2 YEARS of growing my hair out!

itsgrantcasualPublished: October 4, 2017
Published: October 4, 2017

I know youtube messed up the subtitles and pictures a bit, it looks bad now, it looked great before i uploaded this! I took the liberty of using youtube editer to fix what i could, hope it looks alright!

I have now been growing my hair out for 2 years, as of August 15th, 2012. It has been a long, wierd, extreme trip and it has been hard to cope, hard to explain, hard to deal with all the namesayers that don't want me growing it out, but we made it! I have a foot of hair and my hair touches my nipples in front, is past my backblade backbone if you know what i'm talking about, and my bangs almost reach the end of my chin.

If you want to check out my hair channel, here it is http://www.youtube.com/grantshairtips and this channel currently gets lots more views than my main channel (this one) even though it is my second channel and i spend barely any time on it, it has more views. I really wish i could trade view counts with my two youtubes, people are just really interested in hair and i think i am the only one on youtube that gives hair advice to men growing their hair out and appeals to a younger audience.

I have to thank a lot of people, first on my list is my friend justin, whom wich i got the idea to start making hair videos from. he is a great guy and he deserves every thanks i can get him, he is a fun loving guy and always gets a kick out of everything and has many people wich he has inspired to keep growing their hair out or start to and help them with the struggles in growing their hair out.
Without many of you, it may of been harder for myself to grow my own hair out. Justin's channel is at http://www.youtube.com/musique3579

The second person i would like to give a shoutout is to my friend james joseph at http://www.youtube.com/jamesjoseph1000. He is growing his hair out and we are like brothers even though we have never met before. We both LOVE van halen and LOVE sammy hagar even more, if you've never hear of him before, then look him up! you are really missing out! He is growing his hair out to a little past mid back and we share our goals and updates with each other and he is a great guy! He doesn't have many videos becuase he does not have a comera of his own and he uses his friend's cameras to record videos, but thank you james! He even made a video with shoutouts in the beginning and he gave me one! thanks buddy!

The next guy i would like to thank is my friend ricardo. I can't say that much about him becuase we don't talk that much. He lives in mexico, so i don't get to talk to him much, but by golly, his hair is awesome! He has real curly/permish hair that is real long already and he has been growing out for more than 4 years now, i must say, job well done! Here's his link! http://www.youtube.com/rick92rr

There are so many more people i wish i could give you thanks, but really that is a LOT of people i would have to give shoutouts to, however there is one more person i would like to thank. Blade10201, he has commented on every single one of my videos i have put up since he subscribed to me in early december 2011, he gives me such nice comments about my hair and reply's to anyone that doesn't agree with him. Thank you for all these comments, you make me feel special man!

Anyways, it's been 2 fun-packed years and i have really enjoyed the journey! I have 3 1/2 years to go till i reach my goal and i plan to grow it to the end of my buttcheecks and when i get there i plan to cut the back section of my hair to be even with the front and when that has grown back to where it's supposed to be at, i will cut all my hair to where my bangs are. I want to get an all-around cut over time. Please visit my hair channel for even more details about my hair!

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