Cat Kicks Pug Out Of The Sofa After Winning The Territorial Battle

NewsflarePublished: October 4, 201741,352 views
Published: October 4, 2017

Best friends don’t have to look anything alike to make a great team. You might have a dog and a cat that get along, but most of our readers don’t have an otter for their dog to hang out with. If you did though, you just might find dogs and otters make awesome friends. The animal kingdom never ceases to amaze and inspire, enjoy these wondrous pals that put aside all differences to spread some love. These interspecies friendships prove that anybody can get along if they really put their minds to it. This proves that animals can be much better than humans sometimes: they just don’t care about differences of species or size, animals will be loyal to their friends for life. If you still think that they are not able to form friendships and feel deep emotions, we are sure you will change your mind before the end of this video.

From rhinos and lambs, cats and dogs, giraffe and ostrich, the world of animals is full of surprises. Every friendship is unique and different as this video proves it. Spending most of their time on the sofa on the roof terrace in Spain, an interesting bond has formed between a dog and a cat. Like any other friendship, theirs is not always so smooth. They have good days and bad days but at the end, they always bury their hatchets.

It is a statement that has stood the test of time over and again - all species can be friends with everyone when they set their differences aside. Cats and dogs, dogs and birds, horses and chickens, they all sound unlikely to live in a harmonious relationship, yet there is video proof that it can happen! But even best friends are known to engage in a squabble every now and then and that is quite normal. No matter how kindred their spirits are, there are nuances in characters that make way for some misunderstandings on the way. And that is exactly what happened to these two and we get to witness their hilarious brawl.

Luigi the cat and Bandito the pug are friends just like you and us; they share a home, they share meal times and they even sleep together on occasions. But when it comes to the sofa on the roof terrace in their home in Spain, it seems that Luigi is not keen on sharing the spot. So, the fight for territory is on! The duo transforms from two small, fluffy house pets to a couple of wild, savage beasts, pouncing at each other’s necks and clawing at the other’s eyes.

The poor pug seems to be having troubling keeping up with the agile feline, breathing heavily and sneezing...before he knows it, Bandito falls out of the sofa, making Luigi the unlikely conqueror of the sofa territory!

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