Epic Whale Breach During Father-And-Son Fishing Trip

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Published: October 4, 2017

Once-in-a-lifetime moment was caught off coast in Canada, when a gigantic humpback whale made a splashing introduction and surprised father and son on their fishing trip. This is the spectacular moment when a youngster watched a huge whale breach entirely out of water right in front of him.

Speeding through the water, the youngster is clearly enjoying the thrill of the ride when a huge whale breaches the water just yards from the boat. This youngster was photo-bombed by a huge whale that decided to interrupt their alone father-son time, and left them both speechless.

The little boy was filmed grinning for the camera during an expedition with Nootka Wilderness Lodge in the West Coast Vancouver Island, Canada, when suddenly the massive mammal is caught launching itself high in the air before crashing back down in the water, causing a huge ripple in the ocean flow.

It is unclear exactly why whales breach, but one explanation could be that it allows them to breathe in air that is not close to the surface and full of spray. Alternatively, the sound made by breaching could be used to communicate. This could be why whales slap the water with their fins when they land.

By Charlotte Regen

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