Shooting Survivor Praises Concertgoers Who 'Acted so Selflessly' as Bullets Rained Down

StoryfulNewsPublished: October 4, 2017
Published: October 4, 2017

Police in Las Vegas said on October 2 they had recovered 23 firearms at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and 19 more at the home of Stephen Paddock, the suspect in the previous night’s mass shooting that killed at least 59 people and injured hundreds. Footage of the massacre posted to Instagram by Rick McKee shows people crouching on the ground as the gunfire continues. One person who appears to have been hit is seen getting CPR. In an Instagram post, McKee said, "We honestly thought it was fireworks going off at first. There was a burst of noise and then it stopped. It wasn’t until he opened fire the second time that people around us got hit and we realized there was a shooter. “Between rounds of fire Anna, Karen, and I slowly worked our way over two barricades, across the lawn, stopping and gathering together on the ground each time another clip of ammo was fired. Eventually we made it through a fence and into a parking lot where we hid behind a van with another group of people. “Then the shots seemed to get louder and a few of us had flashbacks to the Baticlan Theater [sic] in Paris and assumed someone was walking through the crowd. We now know this was not true, but he was firing at all the various crowds from his room. A large group of us ran across a dirt lot and over to a private hangar where someone broke a window and we hid in darkness until the police showed up and took us to a secure location. “As of now all of Karen and my fiends are safe. Unfortunately there are friends of friends who were not so lucky. All that can be said is that everyone in the crowd acted so selflessly and helped each other out the entire time. It’s amazing seeing so many strangers helping strangers. That’s at least one positive that can be taken from this horrible tragedy.” Credit: Instagram/Rick McKee via Storyful

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