Cruise Ship Fails To Dock In Quite Interesting Fashion

StoryfulPublished: October 3, 2017644,871 views
Published: October 3, 2017

Cruise ships are truly a sight to behold. They are the sea giants that slice the seven oceans carrying passengers on the trips of their lives. There are, of course, other ships equal or even bigger than the cruise ships, but the only difference between them is that they don’t quite scream party or fun in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Being big can definitely be a problem for these ships. They are a lot harder to maneuver around, and the captain has to think about up to 9000 people on board, unlike the cargo ships which can have a crew of less than a 100 people. There have been a lot of examples of the importance of being cautious when piloting this kind of a ship, like the sinking of the Titanic, one of the pioneers of the cruise ships.

Here we have a bit of a funnier take on throwing caution to the wind. This cruise ship failed to dock in spectacular fashion when it collided with a platform in the port of Nassau, Bahamas. As the captain maneuvered the ship into dock, he hit the stern off the jetty and left a considerable dent. The ship failed to slow to a stop and crashed gently into the dock. The footage of the incident shared by Scott Lewitt via Storyful shows witnesses looking on in disbelief as the ship hits the pier along with the sounds of the structure crunching under the weight of the heavy ship. Speaking to Storyful, uploader Scott Lewitt described the scene: “While enjoying my morning coffee I saw the Disney Dream coming into port. With it being such a Majestic ship, I decided to stay and watch her dock. The rest kind of speaks for itself!”

While maneuvering alongside, for reasons unknown, the ship deviated from its course and grazed the side of the pier. Obviously there is not any risk for the guests or the crew on board and there is also no impact for the environment. We can’t see any damage inflicted on the ship or it may be just some minor. Since we are talking about ships, there is this interesting video where crewmen use ship’s horns to sound “Star Wars” theme song when the ship enters a German harbor.

Taking the “Star Wars” theme song, the crafty crewmen used the ship’s horns to fire off the familiar tune when they came in! After all, this ship looks like it could be the Death Star of seas! The low resounding honks keep up with the tempo, making it instantly recognizable amongst onlookers who are all racing to whip out their cameras at the regal arrival! This is just too cool! Too bad the crewmen didn’t dress up in their finest Star Wars attire!

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      Ruaidhri_Gregory · 38 weeks ago

      Nice to see Disney trying to keep up with the United States Navy! LOL :)