Taxi driver captures panic at scene of Vegas shooting

NewsflarePublished: October 3, 2017
Published: October 3, 2017

Astonishing video has emerged from a taxi driver waiting in line at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas hotel in which shots ring out during a gunman’s rampage that killed at least 58 people.

In the video, filmed by Las Vegas resident Cori Langdon, shots repeatedly ring out.

"It sounds like automatic gun fire," Langdon says. "Where are the cops at? I'm just here at the porch of the Mandalay Bay and everything just seems to be normal here,” she says as repeated shots ring out.

On the taxi radio, a voice is heard saying: “Do not go to Mandalay Bay! Stay away from there!"

"OK, I'm leaving,” Langdon then says.

But as she’s driving out of the lot, a muzzle flash can be seen coming from high up in the Mandalay Bay hotel and gun fire can be heard.

People fleeing the country music festival that was targeted in the shooting jump over a barrier and run towards the road, where Langdon stops to pick up terrified passengers.

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