A Missouri Fox Trotter For Sale

Published October 2, 2017 546 Views $0.82 earned

Rumble This business video for a Missouri Fox Trotter named Walter is so straightforward and clear that it’s difficult to say whether the owner and dealer Zackery Stevens is a quite straight shooter or that we’ve discovered the primary genuine horse broker person. After we have watched this video, we can’t find the way not to giggle, wonder or consider this man serious. How about we simply establish, before you watch this 20-minute video that Walter gives off an impression of being maybe the best steed that has strolled this planet.

We can’t choose if the best part is the place Zack tosses a ball at Walter while he sits on a bunch, drags a kayak around on a rope or shoots a weapon over Walter’s side as the steed lays down. We are amused, what about you?