Owner Heartbroken After Show Horse Stolen

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Rumble An owner is approaching the community taking after the overnight burglary of his Andalusian show horse from a farm in Miami. It happened at some point between the night of January 18th and the next morning, at the “La Moraleja” farm in Las Palmas. Neighbors revealed hearing an unsettling influence in the range, police said. The proprietor, Maurcio Guillen, was reached not long after the 11-year-old white steed named Deseada was found missing.

“I’m sorrowful that Deseada was taken.

I have had her for a long time and we have an extremely solid bond,” said Guillen. “I’m extremely frustrated with individuals that they don’t have affections for creatures that they don’t have hands to guard.”

The steed is small scale chipped for recognizable proof and under two months back, she conceived an offspring. Luckily, the foal, named Condessa, was not taken. In any case, the filly needs her mom.
“She’s been doing OK yet she’s as yet missing her mama,” said Guillen. “We’ve been bolstering her drain and giving her nourishment and roughage so she’s been doing okay. “Guillen runs the non-benefit association “Hípico Nicaragüense Miami USA,” which comprises of two dozen stallions. They partake in parades and other uncommon occasions all through Miami-Dade.