Rolls-Royce Engulfed In Sinkhole In China

Newsflare Published October 2, 2017 4,788 Plays

Rumble When thinking of sinkholes, we tend to think of scenes from big budget Hollywood disaster movies. In these movies, the sinkholes swallow up everything that is unlucky enough to be caught in their grip. We do not think something like that could ever happen in real life, but this clip puts that belief to shame.

Footage has emerged from China of a sinkhole opening up on a road and swallowing a Rolls-Royce Phantom waiting for the traffic lights in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. The driver said that the sinkhole opened up when he was trying to start the car. He remained uninjured and the car was lifted up by a crane. Needless to say, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a sinkhole occurrence in this Asian republic. China is the proud owner of the world’s deepest sinkhole, reaching 2,172 ft deep.

The sole reason for these natural phenomena is none other than water. Sometimes the water that falls on the surface and sinks in the ground can change the look of the earth below the surface. It can carry the lax particles of soil and leave cavernous holes inside the ground. When there is no support for the surface layer of the earth, it falls, creating a sinkhole. The pocket can then hold the water captive for a longer period of time in limestone basins, eventually finding its way in underground streams that lead to larger bodies of water.